Let Faces Eyewear will unveil a new vision for you

It’s time to discover a new you. Perhaps your eyeglass frames have become dull and boring. Or maybe you’re ready to try contact lenses for a new appeal. Whatever your desire, Faces Eyewear will unveil a new vision for you.

ray ban acetate eyeglassesLocated in Appleton’s City Center Plaza, Faces Eyewear offers top brands such as Ray Ban® for everyday eyeglasses and sunglasses. Ray Ban® has been worn by popular celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Joshua Jackson. They are five-star sunglasses for vision quality. You can stop by the plaza and find out for yourself. You just may get some star appeal.

Eyeglasses exemplify your personality

Silhouette eyeglassesEyeglasses tell everyone who you truly are. Why not make a bold statement with a new pair of fashion frames? Or show your casual side with a more modern look. A new pair of glasses will enliven the eyes, and the whole face. Your friends will be amazed by the new look—they may want to try for themselves. There are truly hundreds of eyeglass frames to choose from so that there is one to match every person.

See with a new pair of eyes

Contact LenesSee with your own eyes for the very first time with contacts. Perhaps you have always thought about getting contact lenses but never tried them out. Now is the time to discover a new pair of eyes. Faces Eyewear shows clients how to make a smooth transition from eyeglasses to contact lenses. Getting contact lenses doesn’t mean getting rid of eyeglasses. A lot of clients keep their glasses for reading or quick use when not using contacts. Keeping eyeglasses and using contacts provides optimal flexibility.

Make a fashion statement with those new sunglasses

Mau Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim sunglasses feature UV-Ray blocking polarized lenses Men’s and Women’s styles.

It’s time to get out and discover the sun. Sunglasses protect eyes during the hot summer when the sun is its brightest, or cool winter when the sun is blazing off the snow. Perhaps now is a good time to try prescription sunglasses light adaptive lenses. Sunglasses provide optimal safety while driving and walking about on busy streets. Faces Eyewear can provide a number of options and methods of helping you keep your prescription sunglasses safe and handy for easy use.

New places for new faces

Faces Eyewear has been unveiling new faces since they opened at City Center Appleton. As professional opticians, they can conduct on-site eye exams at your convenience. We welcome you to stop in the next time you grab a bite to eat or stopping in Downtown Appleton. You’ll have some new places to go when you discover a new face with your eyeglasses.